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The SK Theatre Design Festival was created by an ad hoc group of Saskatchewan theatre designers working in the areas of sound, lighting, costume, sets, projections, and props.

The SK Theatre Design Festival group is dedicated to holding a design festival that provides opportunities for emerging and established theatre designers to explore the environment of stories on stage.

The group has been very fortunate to receive funding and partnership support from several key organizations: SK-Arts, SaskLotteries, SATP, On the Boards Staging, the Globe Theatre, Persephone Theatre, and the University of Saskatchewan.


Festival Goals:

  • to provide an opportunity for theatre design artists to create a design and share it with the public

  • to provide an opportunity for audiences to have a cathartic theatre experience through a live theatre presentation

  • to provide opportunities for theatre designers and the public to talk and learn about theatre design

2021 Designers

Barrett M. Ross (Sound Designer - "Tales of Good & Evil")

Beverley Kobelsky (Costume Designer - "Killer Dress")

Brooklynn Bitner (Assistant Set Designer - "Quicksand")

Byron Hnatuk (Lighting Designer - "Tales of Good & Evil")

Crispi Lord (Set Designer - "Quicksand")

Damien James Webb (Prop Designer - "Magic Knife"; Set Designer - "Quicksand")

David Granger (Set Designer - "Quicksand")

Gilles Zolty (Sound Designer - "Tales of Good & Evil")

Grahame Kent (Prop Designer - "Magic Knife")

Jeff Chief (Costume Designer - "Killer Dress")

Jensine Emeline (Costume Designer - "Killer Dress")

Judith Schulz (Lighting Designer - "Tales of Good & Evil")

Kenn McLeod (Prop Designer - "Magic Knife")

Lenore Maier (Sound Designer - "Tales of Good & Evil")

Lexi Rennebohm (Prop Designer - "Magic Knife")

Logan Martin-Arcand (Costume Designer - "Killer Dress")

Nathan Harder (Assistant Lighting Designer - "Tales of Good & Evil"; Set Designer - "Quicksand")

Rory Jewiss (Assistant Set Designer - "Quicksand")

Taegan O'Bertos (Lighting Designer - "Tales of Good & Evil")

tBone (Sound Designer - "Tales of Good & Evil")

Will Brooks (Lighting Designer - "Tales of Good & Evil")

2021 Production Team


Carla Orosz (Technical Coordinator)

Damien James Webb (Online Activities Coordinator)

Kathy Allen (Festival Coordinator)

On The Boards Staging (Tickets and Registration)

The Globe Theatre (online activities technical support)