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Light & sound Design

Sound Waves

THEME - Underdark

Imagine what the world looks like underground.

Who lives there? What lurks in the shadows?

Designers were asked to show us the world and how sound enters this new underworld from the strangest of places.  

Blue Smoke

Design Requirements

Designers designed and programed a soundscape that tells a story or presents an experience to the audience.

Presentation of this show:

Saskatoon - April 29-May1 - The Refinery

Regina - May 14-15 - Darke Hall

Emerging designeR

Kaydence Banga

Kaydence Banga Headshot - Sound.jpeg

Kaydence Banga (She/Her) is a Saskatchewan based emerging artist and a recent graduate  from the University of Regina majoring in Theatre and Performance and Media, Art,  Performance (Music Concentration) with a Minor in Psychology. Kaydence is an  interdisciplinary theatre artist with a background in sound art, music composition for small and  large ensemble, set design, scenic painting, props design, costume design, electroacoustic  composition, devised theatre creation and performance. Some of her recent projects include  being a cast member and pre-show sound designer for the production of Churchill’s Love and  Information (directed by Judy Wensel at the University of Regina), being a scenic painter, set  and props designer for the production of 4OUR (directed by Chrystene Ells at the University of  Regina), and composing for wind quintet for an upcoming new music festival. 

The Cave

“The Cave” is a short work about a young girl roaming through a large cave until she stumbles upon the cave’s monstrous owner who is unimpressed that she is there. The work’s storyline is influenced by the video game Little Nightmares by Tarsier Studios as well as Hans Christian Andersen’s “Little Match Girl”.


I chose these two storylines as my inspiration as I thought they matched my interpretation of “Underdark” which was a cave because both stories feature a child who is seemingly too small to survive in their location. I wanted to encapsulate the feeling of small throughout my piece to elicit a cathartic response of fear and to match how one might feel in a large cave. Lastly, I consider myself an abstract experimental composer. Since the challenge of the festival was to tell a story, I wanted to challenge myself so I took a foley approach to the work which is something that I have not done before. Enjoy!

"tales of good & evil

Due to the pandemic in 2021, the Light & Sound Challenges were never able to take place.

We are excited to be able to share them with you this year alongside our 2022 Sound Challenge.


2021 Light and Sound Design Challenge


  • "Oblivion" - Barrett M. Ross (sound) and Carla Orosz (lighting)

  • "Earth" - Gilles Zolty (sound) and Byron Hnatuk (lighting)

  • "Religion in Flight" - Lenore Maier (sound)

  • "While we were sleeping" - Brent (tBone) Blazieko (sound)

Each design team was challenged to create a 5 - 10 minute live light and sound show based on the theme "Tales of  Good & Evil"; in essence their task is to create a story with a beginning, middle, and end that provokes a cathartic response from the audience. Designers all use the same basic lighting plot and sound equipment.

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